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Who am I? Hmmm isn’t that one complicated question. I never really know what to say when people ask me “tell me about your self”.

I’ll start by introducing my self as Anitha for those who do not know me, but pretty everyone knows me as Anii. I can be very sarcastic, weird, lazy and human.. I do keep my circle small, my friends know what am like; I do tend to go M.I.A for a good few weeks lol.. I was born in Luzern and grew  up in the Netherlands from the age of two; I speak fluent Dutch and understand German but I don’t speak it and for my French yes I wasnt to keen in school, shame one me.

I do speak and  read Tamil, but you have to give me at least a good few hours before I can practically read it fluently. Some find my pronunciation funny, I can’t help it my parents are from two different parts of Sri Lanka lol.. My dad is a typical Jaffna man and my mum is from Batticaloa. I am the oldest out of three, i am pretty sure some of you may know how that feels.

I moved to London in 2006, as at the time my parents thought we needed an english education.  I am pretty sure a lot of you can relate, the education system is better in England excuses.?? I did not speak a word of English when i moved to London. I didn’t pay any attention in my English lesson, hahah .. believe me i regretted it a lot when i finally got here, at the time I never saw my self-moving and considered needed another language other than dutch. I did complete my GCSE’s, A-level and went to university to study criminal investigation.

The designing and clothing chapter of my life.

I have always loved arts and crafts, the older i got the more I started experimenting, cutting old fabric, pasting it on paper and pretending I knew how to use a sewing machine. It took some time before i had the courage to actually begin something, it was a spur in the moment.  I had no technical ability to use a sewing machine, so i relied on other people and friends to help me out. Our first pieces were released at the first TTW show back in 2014, with the help of my friend Miya.

I had to step back for a while but i had the time to educate my self with the right research. I am definitely not a pro but life is a learning curfew. I am definitely glad that after all these years I’ve continued to believe in what i initially started.

My role at “Rani”

I am the Founder and designer of the line. I do sew some of the outfits but most of the sewing gets done by TharshiniI will also be dealing with all the inquiries, the blog posts and the Instagram page so please do bear with me as this is my very first attempt at “keeping up with social media”. 

I hope this has given you an inside of to who I am and look forward to showing you all our magic. 

Love Anii X