Introducing “Rani” (Queen)

Who?? Yes you may as you self who the hell is that! “Rani” is the re-launch of the line that was created back in 2014, with the help of a good friend Miya. Why the name Rani? Because I believe that every Continue reading “Introducing “Rani” (Queen)”


The Tamil Wedding Exhibition

Greeting my lovelies.. Hope we’re all having a good weekend.. well at least for some of us who don’t work weekends

Major throwback to 2014, **Sigh** I can Continue reading “The Tamil Wedding Exhibition”

Its all about LoVe

Hiya, hope you’r having a lovely day!

I want to say a massive thank you for showing so much love and support.. I was honestly not expecting this at all. With over 300+ views within 24hr from all over the world 😱..  It’s really overwhelming as I held off putting the blog up for Continue reading “Its all about LoVe”