Introducing “Rani” (Queen)

Who?? Yes you may ask yourself who the hell is that! “Rani” is the re-launch of a line that was created back in 2014, with the help of a good friend Miya. Why the name Rani? Because I believe that every woman is a Queen of her own, strong, determined with a carefree attitude. I believe that as a woman you have the strength to succeed in anything you wish as long as you commit to it with your heart and soul. This is what I would want you to feel like when you wear “Rani”, carefree and on top of the world.

We had the privilege of showing off our pieces at the first exhibition, TTW (The Tamil Wedding Show). The experience was amazing, nerve wracking but exciting at the same time. For anyone who wants to know, we went from calling our collection Aciatic to Urban Street Fashion (I know, I know don’t ask hahaha…) I’ve always loved ethnic clothing, although I have never been the typical traditional Tamil girl, don’t get me wrong I love my saree’s and traditional outfits but the typical heavy Asian outfits with over the top jewellery, no thank you!

When the line was originally launched there were a few comments here and there, giving me the impression that people were not willing to accept something different. I was well aware that the designs were not to everyone’s taste. However, I was prepared for the bumps in the road, but I must admit some of the comments and negative feedback had me rethinking my decision. This had resulted me in slowly giving up the idea of designing clothing.

3 Years Later…

I see many ladies following their dream/passion and it had me thinking, why did I give up so easy? Why did those comments affect me and since when have I ever cared about what others think. Yes I had excuses and was very uncertain whether people would grow to accept my non-traditional outfits, but I stuck to my gut and carried on doing what I loved despite all the negativity and doubts. I continued drawing outfits and stayed true to what I love, the little details is what matters to me.

I am now excited to announce that I am re-launching my brand “Rani”. I am excited to share this journey with you all and show you all that Rani has to offer.




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“I know what giving up feels like. I want to see what happens if i don’t”
– Neila Rey –


The Tamil Wedding Exhibition

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