.albumtempMy name is Tharshini, I was born in Sri-Lanka and was brought up in Denmark before I initially moved to London in 2004. I am a mother of 2 little boys and a princess.

It is definitely not easy finding spare time in between school runs, tuition, after school activities, feeding time and bed time. I do try to give my self some time out sessions to enjoy what I do. It’s easier said than done. Sometimes we all just need five minutes to put our feet up and have a hot cup of tea and believe me I need quite a few of those. haha..

I’ve always loved making things from a young age, particularly clothing. I always involved myself in arts and craft activities. Through the years I have developed my skills purely through practice and attending the odd courses here and there.

I do make it a priority to learn new sewing techniques and trends that I will benefit from! Time is a very precious thing especially in this day and age, anything that would half the job but still produce a neat and tidy end result, works for me. As many of you may know already the smallest detail makes the design.

I have always made outfits for my family and friend as a hobby and never thought of it as a job. After many years of practice I have finally agreed to share my work with the outside world. I might not be the fastest or most experienced tailor in today’s market but I do produce my products with a lot of Love.

My role at “Rani”

I am the main tailor for Rani; most of the outfits are designed and put together by Ani, She does sew a few essentials but is horrible at stitching neatly!

I hope this has given you an insight to who I am and I hope you’ll all love our work as much as I do.

Love Tharshini X